About Us

​​Mapping our memories into frames!

Aakanksha and Sanyukta, 
two graduates from St. Xavier's College discovered a home away from home in the city end of Mumbai.

They have walked endless lanes, taken several buses, jumped into countless local trains just to attend art walks at pristine art galleries of Mumbai or to listen to poetry at a secret joint in town and to watch a free movie being screened at Prithvi!


Their works are a plain collection of their memories put into aesthetic frames. 

With their work, they aim to imbibe a sense of love and gratitude for the ordinary in the lives of various people!



Aakanksha is a student of history and heritage who loves finding light leaks and blue doors to capture.

You'd generally find her binge-watching something, visiting art galleries or museums, and collecting/writing postcards


"We are all just frames in someone else's memory box"

Sanyukta is looking around to catch a memory and frame it in her head! She's a whacky art enthusiast who cannot skip stepping out into the wilderness! She loves poetry, chai and blooming hues!