Best Beaches in Spain!

One cannot deny that Spain is blessed with out of world coastlines and sea waters! Here’s a compilation of the beaches I visited in Spain!

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Never been to an island before and starting with Tenerife, was the most lovely experience. While studying and working for three straight months, the easter break came as a blessing. And with that, I and two other friends decided to visit this Volcanic Island which had beaches with Black sand. Few people, breezy weather, great food, all paired up made Easter quite memorable. Definitely, a must-visit Island.


Barcelona is the most eccentric city I have ever been to. From its architecture to its diversity, it was a delight to be there. There were less than a handful of beaches. Nonetheless, they were gorgeous with pristine blue waters that shone under the sunlight. We couldn’t actually swim because the May sun wasn’t enough to bring down the temperature of the water. However, spending time on the beach itself was splendid. The best time to visit the beach here would be in summer, after June perhaps.


After hearing several tales of the world-famous dish Paella, I was hell-bent to cross this destination off my list. The beaches here were long and so windy that we felt we would fly away. The best memory here was walking the long coastline listening to music on the loudspeaker with few people around. The water was too cold so swimming wasn’t an option. However, we spent hours lying on the beach, chit-chatting. We even ate Paella at a Seaside expensive restaurant that gave our bank balance a heart attack. Valencia was petite and maybe my preconceived expectations made me feel it wasn’t all that great.


Uff, the beautiful coastline of Malaga didn’t disappoint. I wanted to catch the sunrise at the coast of Malaga since it was in the South East but it just didn’t happen. The city is absolutely gorgeous. The beaches were rocky and difficult to be around except one where we swam all day. It was June first week and the South got warmer for us to swim in the waters. Turquoise, shiny and clear, the water was calling for us to dive in! Malaga’s old town is the prettiest place we came across. This is definitely a must-visit city in Spain!

Have you been to any of these beaches? Do you have more suggestions to share? Comment below and tell us about your experiences.


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