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Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!
C. JoyBell C.

Are you also a sunset lover who is looking for the best and serene sunset spots in Bombay? Do you like to find a quiet place to sit with your friends or lovers, play your soothing music and watch the shades of the sky woo you? You are at the right place! We, at Photo Bombaying, love to walk around the city and find secret spots where we can chill with our kind of people! Most famous sunset spots in Mumbai are: 1. Marine Drive. 2. Bandstand. 3. Chowpatty. 4. Juhu Beach.

5. Aksa Beach. But this is not why you are here, is it? You are here for the secret spots which only we can tell you! So here it goes! Top Secret Sunset Spots in Mumbai! 1. Dadar Beach - Fewer people = Less trash = A calming experience. 2. Bandra Fort (Castella de Aguada): Seen this spot in the movie 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na'? If not, now you can!

3. Versova Beach - Yes it is cleaner now for all the famous people made it the sole spot for Swach Bharat! So next time you want a place away from the crowd in Mumbai (which is really hard to find), you know where to go! Check our favourite Sunset Spots in Mumbai below with our personal experiences with this city! 1. HAJI ALI JUNCTION.

Driving through your Bombay traffic, sometimes cursing, sometimes restless, you might often forget to look around you. And of course, those trucks and BEST buses might also block your view! On such a day when I was driving from the suburbs to Fort, I was lucky to turn my head around and look at the sun setting at the Haji Ali Junction. And was I stunned! Playing hide and seek with me, the sun tried its best to hide behind buses, vintage buildings and the clouds. But the hues it gave me that evening, left me in awe of how beauty is so momentary. Time, just playing fleeting games with us. You are lucky if you catch it! If not, we are here to bring you such moments through our pictures.


A weekend- trip by the beach with your friends, is such an Instagram-able memory. The one where you’re sea-zing the day, sitting by a campfire, sipping beer as you enjoy serene lo-fi live music. This sunset was captured on our summer trip to Revdanda organized by Vagabond experiences.


Sunset by the bay is meant for celebrating bunked lectures, momentous occasions or simply to admire the vastness of it all. Each person from a different walk of life than the other, with a different thing grappling their mind, is present, on the promenade, to watch that moment when the sun paints the sky in beautiful colours, each day a little differently.

This sunset was captured when my friends and I were celebrating all the ‘One Last Times’ like soon-to-be graduates usually do. Retracing our steps, travelling the same paths, embracing the beginning of the end. Little did we know, when we were celebrating the last times, it would be the actual last times of seeing those familiar places and faces before the world tumbles itself into a panic-stricken pandemic situation. This one’s an ode to those friends and those beautiful memories of a lifetime.

4. HOME.

Sitting at home across your laptop with the fourth cup of chai wondering when you will finish the work and break free. But then you suddenly move your head around to look at the sky outside painted in shades so bright, clouds shimmering with a silver lining to blind your eyes. How often do you allow yourself to breathe in such ease? Just staring out at the vast endless horizon, nature’s artwork or whatever these philosopher’s call it! Lucky and privileged I am, to see the sky in its uninhibited, unveiled form.

When at home, only the sun has a passport to my heart.

These were some of our favourite sunset stories. Share with us some of your memories.

Are you a sunset catcher or a sunrise lover? Let us know in the comments below.

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