Photo Bombaying and Iris Poetry Prints: A collaboration

I, for the longest time that I have known myself, Have lived inside me. With twinkling eyes and a sunshine smile, I have drunk sorrows and walked alone a thousand miles. I have been expressive, To what people could hear and accept, And provide unsolicited advice. I have craved for love, even when I thought I had it all, And trust when I say, Nothing’s lonelier than that disgraceful fall. I have wiped my tears before coming out of locked rooms, Never because I wanted to pretend strong, But to rekindle courage for myself, To assert that I too belong. I was called ambitious and even though I was Until one day my ambitions felt halfway lost. I was smiling, Making people laugh, But I was also silently crying in my heart. I ensured to keep the sanctity of human life alive, For death couldn’t have come easy. And surely, wasn’t an option upon which I could thrive. My head’s a mess, I am a mess. Moody. Fluctuating. Overthinking stress. But the heart was determined, To reflect courage, live for thy self and nothing less. Because I am my own caterpillar, Growing, even when I don’t see. They despise me today, maybe I don’t like myself much, But one day, the world shall be a little prettier because of me!


We at Photo Bombaying are elated to have collaborated with Iris Poetry Prints. Follow us @photobombaying for more updates.

More about IPP: Iris Poetry Prints is a customized poetry prints shop that helps you emote, indulge, and rekindle your memories and jitter your feelings for your loved ones. We help give words to your thoughts and provide unique gifting solutions for every occasion! Instagram handle: @irispoetryprint Email:

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