Dazzling Doors of Madrid

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Today we bring to you one of the things that people usually forget to notice: Doors.

We use doors every day, but we almost never think about them. How many doors do you open without thinking of care put into designing a handle or the delicate finesse with which the door was hung? In the colourful city of Madrid, you will never fail to see beauty in the architecture of the tiniest of things. It is a city full of aesthetics. One where not even a single street will disappoint you if you decide to walk. Especially, In the centre of Madrid, you will find streets adorned with colour, street art and musicians playing live. Subscribe to our blog to read about these local tales. For now, let us give you a photo tour of Madrid’s Finest:

Calle Fuencarral: Call it Fashion Street or Mall Road, it was where you found the treasure. But for me, it was a street always full of people. People laughing, people running, people listening to a musician on the corner. On one such evening, while accompanying a friend to a tattoo parlour, I stopped to look at this eccentric tiny door. Unlike the many huge ones on this street, this looked petite and almost unique for that place. This urged me to take my phone out and click a quick picture hoarding another door in my photo gallery.

From the Streets of Malasaña: One fine evening, while walking through the most happening part of Madrid, I stopped to look at this beautiful wooden door. It was bright, old and almost falling apart. Yet, at the first glance, it felt striking. A Madrileño later told me that the Spanish Government made a law for Construction companies to never break or remake the outer layers while rebuilding or redeveloping a building. No wonder, the streets hold the power to transport you into an era unknown!

Daily Guest: From the moment I arrived to the day I left, I passed by this specific door that would leave me bewitched with its tiny designs in black. This door was just around the corner from the Metro Station and on my route to University. You know how sometimes walking by the same streets make daily life seem monotonous? Well, it wasn’t that for me. I could look at the tiny things like carvings on the wooden doors and feel special! Hope you do too!

Go Green: I hadn’t seen a door painted green and gold often in my life. I had to wait for the snow to clear so that I could walk on the footpaths. One fine day, when the weather wasn’t too cold and the sun decided to show up, I took a walk around the neighbourhood. Looking pristine under the shine of the sunlight definitely made this door catchy. Maybe it was the colour or the style, the door made me take my phone out and capture it!

Touch Wood: If there was a magazine of fancy wooden doors, this and many others from my gallery would make way into that! Walking down the streets in the centre of Madrid had its perks and for me, it was looking up for the balconies with flowerpots, on my sides for the eccentric doors, down at the old stone roads and well, everywhere! Because Madrid was just breathtaking!


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