Explore Bombay’s Art Gallery Trail.

Explore Bombay’s Art Gallery Trail

Being an ardent lover of secret streets, hidden treats that this city has to offer, I had to convince myself of sharing these jewels with the rest of you! Yes, that’s what I call these art galleries. They don’t just reflect art. They bring me a space of peace, comfort and a gateway into introspection. I fear that if they get more popular, like the rest of the things in history, we might have to pay to enter an art gallery. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind paying, for the art industry does need it. Perhaps, it is that feeling which resides deep in your heart and it says, ‘what if they don’t value it the way you do? What if they don’t realise how beautiful the experience is?’ This desire to maintain the level of admiration for something you know only a niche crowd will appreciate, perhaps, led me to keep the trail to myself. But lucky you, the white is over! (mind the puns)

Whenever a friend asked me to take them to art galleries, I always embarked on a personal guided tour, taking them around town like it was my only home. Now, here we are, diving into my home, revealing all my secret spots. So when this year passes, we won’t leave you alone to blend for yourself! You will know the places you must explore! You can also find our trail on our Instagram Page : @photobombaying

Now that I think of it, there are so many of these petit art galleries!

1. Method Art Gallery: The most experimental, out of the box gallery I have seen in a while. They are not just about hanging art pieces, they find a way to make it interactive for their audience. Aakanksha, my Photo Bombaying partner took me to this place the week it opened and will I be forever grateful to her for knowing my quirks and taking me to places unique? Absolutely. She just knows how to find the best artsy, unconventional spaces in town. (Just like me XD) After all, great minds pink alike!

2. DAG: Walking along the streets of Kala Ghoda, there is nothing that would fail to mesmerize you. And one such gallery is the DAG. Standing on an amazing spot, this two-storey gallery brings art from all around the world to its walls. I stumbled upon it while walking across Kala Ghoda with two of my juniors. It was a phenomenal experience.

3. Akara Art: From my favourite lane of Art Galleries, this stands nearly on top. On my very first art gallery walk, I and Aakanksha visited this wonderful space with quite experimental artists. Top-notch location, amazing view, well-maintained space. Something you will explore on the Art Night Thursday trails!

4. Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke: This one is special because the interiors are left raw. The space is huge and usually showcases humongous artworks. The aura and vibe this place unfurls are quite fresh. The first time I visited here was at night, during one of the art night Thursday walks with, of course, my co-partner. Perhaps, it was the night which changed our perspectives toward the art walks. The lights, the people and the wine!

5. Chatterjee and Lal: Splendid interiors, with Avante-Garde touch, this gallery never fails to surprise. Every time I walk in I feel, ‘You ain't green nothing yet!’ But yes, This space again is worth a visit and allows you a moment or two to rest and dwell into your thoughts.

6. Sakshi Art Gallery: Humongous space always showcasing the works of multiple artists at once. It gave me quite some opportunities for a quick rendezvous with the artists. A space for state-of-the-art, eccentric artworks which bound to leave you with a lot of thoughts. This is a must-visit spot!

Well, these were the first six which we loved. However, We won’t leave you hanging by a red!

There is more to come in the next few weeks. A few hidden spots here and there to spark your mind! Till then, Stay Safe! Sanyukta. Co-Partner, PHOTO BOMBAYING.

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