Finding Joy in Little Things

Sometimes I wonder, what would the aliens think about us when they pass over our planet in their spaceships?

I think they might see how Capitalism has turned us into ambitious zombies. We are always on the move, from one goal to another, from one deadline to the other, trying continuously to be better than yesterday.

It took a pandemic to slow the world down but for not long. We need to live. We got to move, work, and hustle. That is what we are conditioned to believe. I feel that sometimes, it’s important to just take a breather!

What do humans want? Happiness? Our happiness might lie in different things but at the end of the day, everyone wants to be happy.

As Henry Ward Beecher, once said “ The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.”

Here are a few simple things that can bring you joy too:

  • Waking up early: I am usually a night owl and I could sleep through the day but there are few days when I wake up early and I realise that there is so much extra time to get my work done. I know, 2020 has destroyed our sleep cycles, but ask yourself, is it too late to fix things?

  • Receiving a postcard in the mailbox: My wish is to receive something every day in my mailbox even if it’s just a simple Postcard.😊 Find yourself a penpal or even just a person to exchange simple eccentricities in life!

  • Self-care day: Pampering myself with a nice sheet mask and a little extra cheese in my Maggi 😁 Have you curated a self-care day for yourself? Some tea, a coffee scrub, a little oil massage for the head? If you haven't yet, you must! Your body is your temple, take care of it :)

  • Reading a book: I am an avid reader and the time that I spend emerged in a book is priceless. At that moment, I live and feel like the character of the book, forgetting every other worry for a while. That’s what I love about books, they have the power to teleport you to a different world altogether. Have you tried reading? Even if it isn't your thing, you could find your comfort in other recreational activities! Watch a documentary or paint on a leaf!

  • Dressing up: You don't need to dress up for the world to see. You don’t need a festival to drape yourself and pose. Do it for yourself. Do it for your smile! Do what makes you happy! Whether it is wearing a bindi and pajamas or blue lipstick. Who cares when you're happy?

  • Nothing feels better than having a head massage by maa after a tiring day of work. You can feel the stress leaving your body bit by bit. Interact with your family. Find joy in the love they have to give you!

  • To be able to get by the day with very less screen time: I love going for long walks and being conscious of everything happening around me. So take a screen break, indulge in nature's greenery.

  • Feeding and playing with street dogs or any other animal for that matter is priceless. I even talk to them like a mad woman. I am pretty sure they understand what I tell. Don't have a pet? There are many waiting for you if you step out!

  • Trying something new: Whether you excel at it or not you at least went out of your comfort space and took up something new! Cheers.

  • Enjoying your favourite street food: Call it Puchka, Golgappa or Pani-puri, the emotions behind it is all the same.

  • Listening to your favourite music: Putting on an upbeat song and grooving to the tunes. Let loose, the stress flow, and live the beat.

  • Cooking a tasty meal: A few days back, I made a yummy plate of pasta, and honestly I was super impressed with myself. Have you given a chance to cooking? It might seem tiresome but you must definitely try. Working with your hands makes you value what you have created even more!

  • I love connecting with new people and having a genuine conversation: There is nothing that brings me joy as people do and their personal stories. I am mesmerized every single time. When was the last time you called a friend and asked them about their life?

  • The last one on my list but a very important one is helping people. I try to help as much as I can in my own limitations. Not only does it give me joy but it fills me up with a sense of accomplishment and I wouldn’t trade for anything. So help people, teach kids, distribute food, give away what you don’t need anymore. Life is all about spreading the knowledge you have learned.

They say that the journey is more important than the destination. I absolutely agree with that. The destination is like the Bahubali thali that you have been wanting to see for a really long time while the journey is all about the little joys the appetizers give you. It’s preparing you for the bigger things in life. May your life be filled with appetizers that lead you to your Bahubali thali!

So buckle up, the journey shall be long and fulfilling if you make it.


We are very excited to have collaborated with Malvika Sahoo.

Malvika Sahoo, 25, daydreamer, night thinker, all-time overthinker, a believer in the universe. An engineer by mistake, an entrepreneur by choice, tries to be a perfectionist cause she knows she is far it.

Loves to be the centre of attention but also needs her own time, away from the world. Writes best when she feels too much. She lives her life in extremes like it's everything or nothing at all, there is no in-between.

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