If the world couldn't see me for a day!

If the world couldn't see me for a day,

I would do nothing.

Nothing new.

Just sit like always on the corner of my couch near the window beaming with sunlight I would keep gazing at that lower trunk of the tree who has a red thread tied on it, maybe a sacred belief

I would be reading another mythology for hours.

And then I would go for a walk on the street, rather a deserted street, For now, no lusty stares would choke me.

I wouldn't sleep that night,

I would lay on wet grass and look at the stars,

While eavesdropping to all the neighbourhood lonely night talks.

All this while I wouldn't speak.

And then the day would end,

I would do all the same but it wouldn't be the same. - Lavanya.


Meet Lavanya Jain! The best way to know her is reading the highlighted parts of my novels. She is loud if you know her otherwise a total social ghost. She loves the idea of how the universe is so vast and hence one can never be bored exploring its mysteries and abstracts. Art is at her heart! @_lavanya_jain_


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