Of Islands and Volcanos

Today, at Photo Bombaying, Sanyukta takes you on a journey around Tenerife. Ready for a road trip?

Beach From the Sahara!

When I landed in Tenerife, everyone was talking about the beach where they brought the golden sand in sacks from the Sahara! Since Tenerife is a volcanic island, the beaches mostly had black sand. However, when I visited the Playa de Las Americas, the man-made golden sand beach left me speechless. It was the calmest waters I had ever swam in! Just adjacent to the beach was a hill which we drove on to catch the top view. Here are some stunning pictures from that evening:

El Bollulu

To the most difficult to descend beach, El Bollulu. This beach was the farthest from the city, down a very steep hill. First, we had to descend on narrow roads with our mini car. But that wasn’t enough. We had to walk down further for 10 minutes to actually reach the beach. Nevertheless, all that descent was absolutely worth the wait! The views on the way while descending were the most iconic and the time spent on the beach, even more bewitching. This is a beach you spend your whole day at and don’t get bored. Catch some glimpses here:

La Orotava

At a local information desk, a lady gave us a map and asked us to follow the points marked. Who in their 21st-century internet comfort would decide to abandon Google Maps and use a paper map? We did! We tried that for a while and walked around this gorgeous tiny town of La Orotava that left us bewitched. The churches, the cafes and the roads! We visited an old wooden house turned into a museum which was the highlight of our visit. If beauty in tiny things was stored in a treasure box, this town was in it! Here are some pictures to put my words into visuals:

The Natural Pool

Islands hoard several natural pools. Tenerife was one of them yet not famous among all the Canary Islands. We visited a pool for sunset and it was magnificent. Handful people around, the sound of wind gushing with the waves beneath, this was the perfect serene sunset to mark the end of our trip.

Foggy Roads

We tried to take our tiny car onto the top of the volcanic mountain till where they allowed cars. When we did start escalating up the hill, we started realising we had signed up for an episode of Fear Factor! Amidst the foggy roads, we couldn’t see anything ahead of us. Being the only car was a bit terrifying. So we stopped and decided, this wasn’t for us. Well, at least we got to drive through the foggy roads and grey clouds! It was an experience of its own! And after this experience, I must say, volcanic islands are a must go! Nothing beats the weather, sand and beaches.


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