“For every item that carries the darkness of humanity there's one that holds the light. And that light is worth believing in. Not just in others, but in yourself as well.”

C.M. Rayne, The Forbidden Land of Andara

As photographers at Photo Bombaying, Sanyukta and Aakanksha always fancied the tones of grey that would surface when a picture was clicked in Black and White. Just as you turn the effect from colour to the greys, you see things in a completely different light. The shadows are more prominent. There is a slight change in the focus of the viewer. We are more attracted to the subject of the photo than to the background colours. As photographers, we love playing with light and shadow. We love the sunlight playing hide and seek with leaves of the trees. We love the dusk for if it wasn't for the dark, we would never truly understand how significant the light is. Oh what a wonder it is, to witness things in new perspectives under the play of colours!

Shall we hear what our viewers think about the lights and darks in our photographs?

Shadow and light, black and white, keep playing hide and seek, like two integral parts of life. 

The funny thing is that, one can't exist without the other, they complement each other, no matter how contradictory they seem.

Our daily lives show so many such examples. Traveling through a crowded train at peak hours - seems like a shadow, an overcast...yet managing  to read your favourite book in all that frenzy, seems like the 'light', both co-existing together.

I always admire how people truly find time, for something which interests them, no matter how busy their days are. Searching for the light during the day…

Also one can truly appreciate the light, only because of the shadow. Just imagine, if you have only 'light ' in your life, only sunshine, then would you truly appreciate it fully?

Would you know, what could be otherwise ?

The answer is no..

The darkness doesn't persist forever. It is supposed to turn into light, even if it's right at the fag end of the dark tunnel.

Because that's how life is...

So next time your see a 'shadow' in your life, remember to look for the light too. They both always go together and nothing remains the same forever. 


Anushka Sawarkar is a 27-year-old girl who loves to write postcards, collect stamps, travel, buy stationery items, spend time in nature, read a lot of books and watch movies! 

She's a big movie buff, foodie, and kind of a nerd. She's also a big animal lover and has adopted a dog. 

An Economics postgraduate, she has worked in Economics related research for 2 years. She quit later and has been preparing for Civil services exams ever since. She's also fluent in German and teaches German to kids and adults currently!

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