Traveling through blues

Traveling through blues

The world is a blue;

an arid space where all the greens and yellows meet.

all I can say is-

there is still too much to see.

I glanced at blue in the living and dead.

Picasso's blue period reminded him of a loss of someone he knew

and took him to the state of gloom and melancholy.

While Dante stated blues in 'without hope we live on - in desire'.

Giotto painted the Scrovegni Chapel a radiant blue

to associate it with opulence and grandeur.

He chose blue over gold.

And, I keep on wondering

how much blue is too much blue?

Once upon a time,

descended through the sky,

now it's reflected on the shore-

waving through the past and future of the lives.

They meet at the horizon-

creating an illusion of an endless pathway.

I walked dipping my toes in the water;

the waves hopped into each other

the breeze blowing slowly

and, I see my footprints slowly vanishing away on the shore.

I passed through the woods

under sapphire blue moonlight in an implacable walk

where the moon peeks behind the dark clouds.

I point at the constellations,

replacing my isolation

with curiosity.

And, I keep on wondering

how much blue is too much blue?


I pack my bags again

and this time-

chose a different destination.

climbed the hills to watch the sunset

in the beautiful blue city of the country.

Dogs gave me company

in my solo travels. I found solace in them.

To search for the answers-

I travelled with different people,

to different places,

with different purposes.

And, I keep on wondering

how much blue is too much blue?

No matter wherever I go,

Blues are all the same.

There is still too much to life.

The world is a blue.

And, all I can say is-

there is still too much to see.

there is still too much to feel.

Blues run the game-

and I travel through the blues.


Presented to you by Photo Bombaying in Collaboration with Hetvi who has penned down this poem.

I am Hetvi and Kaafi_quirk is my pseudonym. I am a Designer who geeks out on books, comic world, vintage museums, handicraft and textiles, postcards, anime and everything related to art. 

For me, Traveling and Research go hand in hand. And, with every trip- I hoard stamps, coins, postcards or a memoir. I believe every place has a history in itself. 

I am an Empath by nature. Murakami once quoted, "I sometimes think that people’s hearts are like deep wells. Nobody knows what’s at the bottom. All you can do is imagine by what comes floating to the surface every once in a while" and I couldn't agree more.

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